Not so much news as "When are we getting more stock in" or "When can you expect to see something new."

5th June '14
We have new items coming into stock soon by way of patches. We have 2 designs on simple material. Over the next few months we hope to add an embroidered patch design but have to yet find a manufacture.

6th June '14
To be added soon will be our new release KMD a 6 track E.P. of new material recorded by Andreas Frank at Casket Garden studio, Cologne. Along with the E.P. will be a new t-shirt with artwork for both designed by Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art.

4th Nov '14
'Deadmen Walking', available since 2010 has sold its last physical copy. As our first release we undertook manufacture of the product ourselves. Things moved on with the release of 'K.M.D.' this year and we, the band, have taken the decision not to continue with our D.I.Y. attempt. HOWEVER, the songs are still available via sites like Spotify, Amazon and iTunes:

26th Dec '15
Christmas. What better time to look at yourself and say "Bloody Hell, we got so much stuff from Santa, theres no room to put anything". It would be easy to say that a sale on Boxing Day is a cynical move by a band. The reality though, is that the band is in the process of undergoing an extreme makeover of sorts. With new band members comes a new sound, song writing style, image and ideas. We have limited storage space and want to make changes to the merchandise to go in hand with the new look of the band. So before we can do that, well, out with the old in with the new...